Where’s TOWR been?

Hello all,

Greetings!  We know we’ve been pretty quiet lately, so we thought this would be a good time to let you know we’re not currently guests of the Gray Bar Hotel.

Kit has been posting over at her new blog http://www.recoveringstatist.com/.  She always has valuable material so make sure you’re subscribed.  She is also currently eyeballs deep in her continuing education.

Steve is also buried in his education and with his day job in the belly of the beast.  He is routinely surrounded by safety pin wearing snowflakes and learning more daily about the mind of our opponents and the useful idiots than he would prefer.

Our other members continue to work behind the scenes.

Next up, the privacy webinar.  Without going into more detail that we are at liberty to at this time, we have reason to believe that Tor is more flawed than previously thought.  This is requiring us to rethink the advice we give to make sure we aren’t leading anyone astray.  We take this responsibility seriously.  For now, for the truly paranoid, for maximum privacy – use TAILS with a secondary identity, connected to an internet connection that cannot be traced to you, on a burner laptop, with an external network connection (such as a USB wifi card) that can also not be traced to you.  Even then, you need to be thinking tradecraft, tradecraft, tradecraft.

We’re still on for the Sparks31 class next year – contact us at TOWR@hushmail.com to sign up.  During the holidays we’ll be evaluating some new class opportunities and reworking our digital privacy offerings.

Do you want to help the mission of TOWR to educate patriots and partisans?  We are accepting submissions of original content.  Just about any subject is welcome as long as it fits in with our mission.  If you would like to teach a class sponsored by us, please contact us with a course outline and cost.  If you live outside of the Pacific Northwest and would like to host classes under the TOWR name, hit us up and we’ll be happy to help you get started and post your classes here.  Again, our general email address is TOWR@hushmail.com and is visible by the whole team.

In closing, we would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have given us words of encouragement and have supported us in this endeavor.  We are humbled and grateful.  Thank you.

Author: Steve

Steve is a father of two, husband of one, devoted follower of Christ, IT guy, and jack of all trades. He's a liberty activist, blogger, gun lover, and general class radio operator. He read entirely too much Heinlein as a child and routinely fails at his attempts to become the "competent man".

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