Offensive Tactics: Infiltrating

The Stop Shouting blog has an EXCELLENT primer on offensive tactics and infiltration that you need to read. We’ve been talking here on the TOWR site about guerrilla tactics, and infiltration is something we haven’t gotten into much yet. It’s a fantastic way to collect intelligence and information, however, and that article has a great argument for why you should be infiltrating.

What I am proposing is for Readers to research, find and then infiltrate any and all organizations that smack of communism, socialism, totalitarianism. In short, the political and economic underbelly of the progressive Borg. You would be right to ask, “to what purpose?”… and I will tell you right here and now that it is to perform the reconnaissance role of the scout, to learn all you can about the goals, aims, structure and individuals that make up these organizations.  Yes, this will entail burying your emotions on the various topics to allow you to get proximity and access.  This will enable you to see with your own eyes, hear with your own ears the workings of the mechanisms..

“Why would I do that?”, you may ask.  Well, somebody has to do it.  People of emotional maturity and a certain outlook… consider it THE opportunity for normal, traditional Americans to DO SOMETHING about the mechanism of the Borg before it is a moment passed.

The next logical question you might be asking is, “What’s the point? What is to be gained?” You’d be surprised. Think of what you could do with a membership list. Think of the intelligence collection potential.

What categories of information are important, and why?  Well, primary importance is assigned to personnel rosters.  It is useful for planning purposes to know WHO you are dealing with.  Plus, if you want to send them gifts or cards or flower arrangements, it makes it easier.  How can you do this without being inside an organization?  Simple… you can compile lists of cars, tags, bearing certain political bumper stickers.  Election season is great for this, as people let their enthusiasms run wild, another example is political yard signs supporting one kleptocrat over another..  So easy to collect, a child can do it!

If the wheels in your brain are turning now, that’s a good thing. But you might have also realized a problem. Let’s say that you like to go to the Moms Demand Action Facebook page for your state and troll them. You use your regular Facebook account, and you have a lot of fun talking smack to them. So, reading this article you’re thinking, wow, I should go infiltrate MDA in my state. Why do you suppose that’s a bad idea?

This is reason #897324 why a gray man persona is something to be maintained. You can’t infiltrate a group if you’ve spent the last 2 years running your mouth loudly and proudly, emblazoning your vehicle with bumper stickers, or showing up at every rally and action you can get your mouse finger to RSVP to. Side note: if your social media profile picture announces your solidarity for gun rights, for instance, you may want to rethink your strategy.

Not everyone can infiltrate groups. Not everyone has the mental capacity for infiltrating, or the mindset. That’s not elitist arrogance talking, that’s fact. Just as not everyone has what it takes to be a rocket engineer, not everyone has what it takes to engage the enemy on a face to face level (and no, I’m not talking about violent encounters. For the record, not only is that not what we’re about, but most of the people running their mouth about that kind of thing don’t have what it takes for that either.) Thankfully, it takes all kinds to make up a resistance, and hopefully you’ve done some brutally honest self-examination to discover what you have the aptitude for, and what you may be simply not cut out for.

So, what is an infiltrator to do once in place and churning out an archive of internal documents, rosters and reports?  That is easy… just refer to the OSS Simple Sabotage Manual (for sanity and legality’s sake, just stick to the organizational behavior parts, mkay?  That is legal to do.)

Go read the rest of the article. And start thinking….perhaps you’ve already rendered yourself useless for face to face infiltration work, but you may know someone else who hasn’t. You may be able to support their operation in terms of collating and organizing their information (in a secure environment, of course). You may even be able to help point them to a group or person to get started.

If you can’t infiltrate in person, you could always sign up for their email lists (with proper security procedures, of course). Make a new identity for yourself (you can get started here). Next, you can sign up for their forums and discussion boards with your new identity. Read their literature and websites; get familiar with their terminology and how to interact with them as a friendly. RESIST the urge to ‘school’ them; you’re there to become one of them, not educate them or convert them. Keep in mind that at this stage, Republican party meetings and groups are to be viewed the same as anything else. They’re all the same now, and those who are faithful to the party above liberty are not much different than your average anti-liberty folk.

There is much to be done, and most of it is done behind the obvious, out of the public eye, without regard for personal credit or accolades. There will be no iconic photos of you in the action, no big Facebook posts announcing your involvement; in fact, you’ll need to keep that part of your activities compartmentalized from everyone you know besides select cell members. Can you accept that?

If you can, then let’s get to work.

Author: Kit Perez

Kit Perez is a liberty activist, longtime writer, and intelligence analyst specializing in deception detection and HUMINT. She is prior Air Force, holds a degree with honors in Counterintelligence and has a Master's in Intelligence. She writes at

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