We’ve had a very high level of interest in the upcoming infiltration webinar, so I wanted to take a moment and answer a few questions regarding the curriculum and the class itself — and a few about TOWR in general, for those who are new to us.

Q: When is this infiltration class?
A: The beginning part of May.  Actual date will be released soon; there are some unrelated things that need to fall into place first (like the instructor moving one final time).

Q: How many spots are available?
A: We have 24 spots total. We don’t go larger than that because our classes involve a lot of interaction with the students, answering specific questions and whatnot. It’s more important to us that you walk away from the class feeling as though you learned something and got your money’s worth, as opposed to just packing a webinar full of people, saying our piece, and leaving. We will be offering several rounds of the class, however, to make sure everyone who wants to attend can get in.

Q: How can you profit off of this? How can you charge people for classes?
A: We do not make a profit. 100% of all class fees pay for the next class — venue, paying the instructor if they’re an outside talent, equipment rentals, etc.  We all have day jobs; we aren’t doing this for a living. We do it because we have information to teach, and we know experts in a variety of fields who also have much to teach others. We do accept donations, but we are not a 501(c)(3). We do webinars so that we can offer the content to more people — and those webinars help fund the bigger in-person classes, such as the Sparks31 comms event in June — a must-attend class if I’ve ever heard of one.

Q. Why did it take so long for you guys to get back to me?
A: Well, as I mentioned, we not only have day jobs, we also deal with all the normal life things — including training ourselves, and prepping, and ensuring that above all, our families are taken care of first. One of us moved to another state in January — no small feat.  Unfortunately, that resulted in a bunch of folks not getting replies for a while, and we apologize for that. We’re making a big effort to stay on top of things no matter what’s going on.

Q: How do you know there isn’t a fed in the class?
A: We don’t. In fact, we’ll talk specifically in this webinar about class infiltration. We STRONGLY recommend that you exercise extreme caution in any class, even ours.

Q: Are you going to give us a list of people who are infiltrators?
A: No. What we will do, however, is teach you what to look for, and how to think through a given situation in a way that best protects you and yours. Chances are you’ll be a lot better at spotting them yourself.

Q: I don’t need this class. I’m a lone wolf.
A: You’re welcome to think that; it doesn’t make you correct, but it’s your right to believe it.

Q: What will this class cover?
A: Types of infiltration operations, how they work, why they’re effective, various situations that have already worked, how to guard against them. Informants: who they look to go after, how they’re approached and turned, how to recognize the signs, what NOT to do, etc.

We’ll put up the dates/times of the class soon. Stay tuned!

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