The TOWR Barter System

What if Your Skills Could Be Used as Currency?

The beauty of the patriot movement is that it’s so diverse in terms of skills. In any room full of patriots, chances are good that you’ll have a wide variety of talents, education level, and abilities. The problem is that training is expensive sometimes, and often the reason that patriots are not as educated and trained as they should be simply comes down to not being able to afford it. But what if we could change that?


Project Details

1. You have a skill.
2. You contact us and offer a class in those skills.
3. We give you a credit for a free training day in a skill you need.
4. That’s it! Everyone wins.

Why Barter?

Let’s say that you are an advanced ham radio operator with extensive communications knowledge at an expert level.  You’ve always wanted to learn more about computer security and encryption, to broaden your skillset, but you can’t afford the high-priced seminars or certification courses.  That’s where TOWR comes in.


Tell Us What You Can Teach

How Does it Work?

We want you to share your knowledge, and in return, we’ll barter other training. For every one day of classroom or field training that you provide to the patriot community through TOWR, we will give you one day of credit for any other TOWR-sponsored class. That means, your 8-hour seminar on HF operation and comms encryption, for example, buys you admission to a one-day computer security overview…or one day of any other class we sponsor.  In fact, you can use your credit for one day of multi-day classes as well, which means you would effectively be earning a discount on the more expensive classes. The more training you give, the more free training you get. The result is exponentially more people trained in a variety of skills, and that is an amazing thing.

The best part is, you don’t have to travel to Washington to teach the class. We can help you give a webinar or live meeting, so you can teach right from your own home. Even if your privacy is a concern for you (and it should be!), we’ve got you covered.

Think about that. You teach what you know, and others teach you. There’s no downside.


Ask For More Details

What's the Catch?

This probably sounds too good to be true. It’s real, but there is one catch. In order to ensure that we are providing the patriot community with solid, high-quality training, if you aren’t already an established expert in the patriot community, we’ll ask you to provide some documentation or demonstration of skill level, such a resume, as well as a general outline of what your class would look like. Obviously we’ll want to talk to you about what you plan to teach and how you’d approach that. It doesn’t have to be incredibly formal; you don’t need a fancy Powerpoint presentation or special textbooks. We just want to know that you’re as good as you say you are. After all, we’re giving you free training in return!

We are looking for people who are highly skilled in their chosen field.  We aren’t interested in scammers, hobbyists, unsavory characters, or people looking to get free training with minimum effort. This is about solid patriots with integrity, helping each other become the well-trained, well-rounded partisans we need to be.

So that’s it—tell us what you can teach, and how you’d like to do it, and let’s get started!

YES! Let's do it. I have skills to share.

The Order of the White Rose

TOWR seeks to educate and empower individual patriots to be better prepared and better skilled. We teach and sponsor classes in the Pacific Northwest, offer web-based training for patriots nationwide, and write in-depth, original articles on intelligence, digital security, tech, and much more.


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Financial Disclaimer


TOWR staff are all volunteers. Any and all fees collected for classes are used solely for renting class venues, paying instructor travel and fees, and purchasing any necessary class materials. We don't even accept online payments because we don't want your money to go to processing fees. We do not solicit donations, but we do accept them. If you'd like to donate to the cause of training and equipping patriots, contact us.





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