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We normally try not to just dump links on the blog and prefer to offer commentary with it, but I’ll keep it brief so you can get to the meat of things.  I’ve been trying to catch up on Mattis since his legend has been rising to that of Chuck Norris jokes in the military communities I cross now and again.  Plus, as our upcoming SECDEF, the memes are coming fast and furious.  Who is this man?

I’ll let you do your own research, but this email from him is certainly telling:

….The problem with being too busy to read is that you learn by experience (or by your men’s
experience), i.e. the hard way. By reading, you learn through others’ experiences, generally a
better way to do business, especially in our line of work where the consequences of
incompetence are so final for young men.

Mattis goes into more depth.  Make sure you read the whole thing.

Patriots – we hear this same thing in our community all the time – “I don’t have time to read/study.”  John Lovell has an excellent video that digs into Mattis’ philosophy and the foolishness of not studying.  If you’re not subscribed to his channel you’re missing out.

This week, go to the library and get a relevant non-fiction book, or grab one of the ones from your bookshelf that you haven’t gotten around to.  Do it for the wellbeing of your family and friends.  There’s a reason that EDUCATE is at the beginning of our tagline.

Do you have a must read book for the Patriot?  Post it in the comments here or on Facebook.


Holding the Standard in the Three Percent

[Editor’s Note: Jeff Roberts, VP of the Oregon III%, co-wrote the below article. — KP]

One look at the headlines in any given week will lead the average liberty loving, constitution carrying patriot to believe that really tumultuous times are just around the corner. The fact is, they’re already here.  Our own government has been selling our nation’s sovereignty and our constitutional rights down the road at a reckless pace for years now,and as the effects of those acts pile up, patriots are becoming restless.

All of us have run into “that guy” in our group; the one who’s always just a little too eager to start the Second American Revolution, and “take our country back” and “get back to the Constitution,” etc. Don’t we all wish it were that easy?  Then there’s the guy who loudly announces to anyone–online OR off–who will listen that “it’s too late, y’all can vote with your ballot box and soap box, I’m voting with my ammo box.” And we can’t forget the guy who seems to live on Facebook, posting inflammatory memes and making vaguely worded statements that could easily be taken as veiled threats if you didn’t know the guy…and maybe even if you do know the guy.

Are these people crazy? Federal provocateurs? Too lazy to take effective action prior to “shots fired?”  Hormone imbalance? Or just fed up Americans? It’s hard to know, and maybe even impossible. These are difficult questions…and they’re the wrong questions to even ask. The right questions, however, are possibly even more difficult–and more necessary.

Our goal in this article isn’t to create division for the sake of drama or dissent, or even to cause sincere patriots to become outcasts.  We do, however, want to stress the importance of maximizing effectiveness while mitigating liability and failure. We must succeed in this endeavor; therefore, we must act and speak and train–at all times–in a way that not only furthers the cause of liberty, but brings credit to its name.  As previous TOWR articles point out, a decentralized partisan/guerrilla movement needs public support. That’s a precious commodity that we are doing far too much to damage lately, and we should be working to gain it.

As it becomes more and more commonplace for patriots to find themselves present during tense confrontations in close proximity between American constitutionalists, out of control government, and other less savory entities such as the BLM (both groups), so-called refugees, Daesh operatives, inner city gangs and just about every other disruptive group a sick imagination can concoct, we must be vigilant for ways that we can help garner that public support. Perhaps even more importantly, we should be vigilant about the ways that we are hurting that effort.

These days the role of an American patriot isn’t limited to a group of guys training in the woods twice a month and reading the New American Magazine.  Patriots are increasingly taking active stands against tyranny and civil unrest in very public ways, ranging from rallies to providing security against looters in Ferguson and Baltimore, or standing guard in places like the Bundy Ranch, Sugar Pine Mine, and Operation Big Sky, where miners and ranchers were being threatened with seizure of property without due process. In other arenas, patriots are standing up and becoming involved with local, county, state, and even national government–a long overdue but extremely critical step.

Heinlein wrote that “specialization is for insects;” indeed, patriots of today must be able to perform far more tasks than simply firing a weapon. Everything from medical skills to communications, history, philosophy, law, religion, prepping, security, computer literacy, intelligence and a host of other skills and tasks are necessary for today’s patriot to have a working knowledge of. We never know when those skills will be needed; some patriots fulfilled one job at Sugar Pine, another in Montana, and hold still another position within their groups at home. We can be called upon at any time for a variety of potential situations, and some patriots who remain”gray” may be performing other functions in the underground resistance. As Mike Vanderboegh, the founder of this Three Percent movement, wrote, “that is what a citizen does — he fights on every battlefield to best of his ability and resources.”

With this ever evolving role that we as patriots are finding ourselves in, can we afford the loose cannons, impulsive individuals, hot tempered patriots or borderline sociopaths within our ranks? Can we afford to allow these folks to be part of our networks, our supply chains, our inner circles, our training groups?

And what about those who are publicly advocating or supporting violence, such as the calling for (however sly and oblique) the deaths of various elected officials and/or law enforcement on social media? Should they have a place in our networks and our groups?

The federal government’s new obsession is the charge of “conspiracy,” and one of their biggest evidence collection avenues is social media. That means when you’re scrolling through your feed and see your fellow group member Big Mouth Larry putting up yet another meme or rant advocating the slaughter of cops or the assassination of elected officials, you shouldn’t just roll your eyes and scroll on by, or click like, or even just ignore it. You should ask yourself, “Do I really identify with what’s being proposed here? Is this what I want to publicly advocate?”

When Big Mouth Larry comes to your meetings and rants about how “everyone wants to be a patriot until it’s time to do patriot stuff,” note what Larry considers “patriot stuff” and ask yourself if those actions are things you support. If Larry thinks blowing things up is possibly a good use of his time, you need to have a very long talk with yourself.

“Is this how I want to represent the Three Percent and the American Patriot?”

Before you answer that, let us quote the Three Percenter Catechism:

These four principles — moral strength, physical readiness, no first use of force and no targeting of innocents — are the hallmarks of the Three Percent ideal. Anyone who cannot accept them as a self-imposed discipline in the fight to restore the Founders’ Republic should find something else to do and cease calling themselves a ‘Three Percenter.’

Take a look at how prosecutors rely on social media as evidence, and keep in mind how the spiderweb of networks and contacts and ‘friends’ (the Facebook kind) connects you to people. Do you agree with what people are saying in your networks on social media? Are you willing to face investigation, arrest, or even charges of conspiracy for being “associated with” someone who uses social media to spout things you may not even agree with?

Look at how many people have taken deals in recent months, selling out their so-called “allies” to the federal government in order to get reduced sentences. Are they all informants or agents? No, but the result is the same, isn’t it? Before you chime in with, “But I know my group is solid,” consider this: Are you willing to go to prison, to spend the rest of your life in general population with murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals, to back up that statement? Not to downplay the toll that incarceration takes on the soul of a free man, and how tempting the “deal” may be. If it’s at the expense of your allies and the resolve of other patriots, however, then that becomes a losing strategy.

Are you that certain that your allies will not sell you out, truthfully or otherwise? Are you that sure that their big mouth is just talk? Are you that certain that they’re not going to pin their own actions on you? Are you that positive that Big Mouth Larry is just blowing off steam, or that the other person in the group who’s now hanging out with Larry and encouraging his fantasies is not on another side?

Can you afford to have a guy on your front line that may start a fire fight with police or leftist protesters over a verbal confrontation?

Are you willing to have your cause and organization be represented to media and the rest of the world through the words, appearance, actions, and attire of that one guy? If you decide to keep him in your group, you better hope that you are, because experienced left leaning, sensationalism driven media reporters will instinctively hone in on “that guy” and plaster his face, extreme views, and socially repugnant behavior all over the public airwaves, further causing loss of credibility to our movement towards constitutional liberty.

Then there’s the most obvious of all. Has it ever crossed your mind that the guy who’s always proposing extreme, unlawful, ill-conceived plans that seem highly unlikely for success might not be on your side? Ever consider that the one who’s always offering to help with or set up acts or events that are generally coupled with a high probability of of serious blowback to the movement with little tangible value as a tactical objective, might be setting your group up for arrest or worse? Not every zealous group member is playing for the other side, but his battle for our republic, however, requires cooler heads, and a lot more critical analysis of our objectives to effectively win. We don’t need rash, anger-driven actions, performed by people with little discipline or regard for consequences at this critical time in our nation’s history. We need to be moving forward in a bold, resolute, clearly defined and well-planned moral fashion.

We aren’t here to answer these questions for you. They need to be answered at a group and individual level. If you’re a leader of some kind, you owe it to your group to keep them effective, and out of unnecessary risk. Having the types of people in your group that are described above is unnecessary risk. If you’re a member or individual, the decision is still there for you to make. What will you allow yourself to be associated with? Make the call, and make the necessary changes.

If you’re the guy we’re writing about, consider the following. Make sure that your plan of action is going to help ensure victory and liberty, not just start a fight that will alienate us all from the critical component of public support. We all may differ on the best way to go about securing our liberty, but we should all be able to agree that the best course of action is one that is moral, honorable, and holds to the precepts we believe. From Mike’s Valediction:

If any of our traditional liberties are to be saved it will be on a local basis of community, county and church, secured by your own efforts, your own organization, with your own friends and neighbors according to the principles enunciated by the Founders. I envisioned the Three Percent movement with that local focus in mind, as a philosophy, a discipline, of the armed citizenry.

Be disciplined, be focused.
Long live Freedom!
Jeff Roberts

Vice President, Oregon Three Percent

Kit Perez
Order of the White Rose

Jeff Roberts is an evangelical Christian, husband and father of 6, patriot, liberty activist who witnessed Ruby Ridge first hand, was active in the Ron Paul campaign, and current vice president of Oregon III%.

Lessons for Vetting: UK Undercover Manual

Grugq has a link to very interesting material: a manual for undercover police work used in the UK. While you may flip through it, see the organizational stuff and wonder why it’s important, you may be surprised to learn that there are some pretty decent nuggets in there. How a group does something is perhaps even more important than what they’re doing, and understanding how they’re set up and how they facilitate their activities is a critical part of resisting them or dealing with them at all. While you may think it’s for the UK and therefore not applicable to us, you’d do well to read it anyway and note that some things are universal, especially when it comes to vetting.

A few examples:

Page 34: Backstopping and legend building – In case you didn’t know, there are personnel who “develop, maintain and support covert identities and structures capable of withstanding scrutiny.” That means they’ve already thought about your piddly vetting measures, and they already planned ahead. When you’re dealing with an intelligence service or agency who is willing and able to put work and expense into making sure that their fake identities hold up even if you’re looking into them, then it can be taken as gospel that your simple “internet footprint” check and $29 background peek is not going to expose them. They’ve already covered those bases.  And even if you think you’ve got a hookup for deeper checks, like an FFL who’s figured out how to run NICS checks under the table or a federal level contact who’s willing to do some searching on your behalf, they’ve probably thought about that too. In fact, they’ll have documents that back up their story, and your buddy at the Alphabet Agency may not be as helpful as you think–that’s even if he’s really trying to help at all.

Does this mean the moles and UCs can’t be exposed, or that you cannot protect yourself? No. You can, and you should, and there are ways to do it (that involve a lot more than simply checking someone’s Facebook page or paying someone to go look at public records for you).

Page 54: Conduct – This whole section talks about all of the things they can and cannot do. While you might be chuckling to yourself and thinking, “Well, that means the person I’m smoking pot with/sleeping with/acquiring materials with must be fine because they can’t do that stuff if they’re undercover,” please note the following phrase that finds its way into every single section of conduct:

“If the UCO engages in unauthorized ______ for whatever reason, this activity will be restricted to the minimum conduct necessary to mitigate the threat…” That means that the whole list of “can nots” just became a “can, as long as you can justify it.” Well, if it’s “necessary” to spend 18 months hanging out with someone before they trust you enough to let you talk them into a bomb plot, they’re okay with that. If it’s “necessary” for them to go to your activities, engage in some civil disobedience and lawbreaking, and act just as anti-tyranny as you, they’re okay with that too. And for the record, honey traps, or seduction operations, have been extremely effective for thousands of years. Do you really think they’re going to stop using them because they’re worried about the UC’s feelings, or worried that it’s not “fair?” By the way…when you see the phrase “mitigate the threat,” keep in mind that you’re the target. You’re the threat. This means they have rules, but ALL of those rules are breakable if it means they can “mitigate the threat”….that’s you.

Page 56: Agent Provocateur – Here’s something we’re all becoming very familiar with. They define an AP as someone who “entices another to commit an express breach of the law which they would
not otherwise have committed and then proceeds to inform against them in respect of such an offence.” Pay attention to that: they specifically say “which they would NOT have otherwise committed.” Think about that. Their entire purpose is to get you to do things you would not normally do, and wouldn’t do at all if they weren’t enticing you. People like to call this being “framed.” It’s not. They like to claim that being set up in this way absolves you of responsibility and makes you a victim. That’s not the case.  At the end of the day, you CAN keep yourself from being set up in this way.

(Are they willing to flat out make things up to get you? Sure. But they don’t often have to, because so many people allow themselves to be manipulated into actually doing it.)

We carry firearms and talk about how our security is OUR problem, how self-defense means no one will protect you except you. The same people, oddly enough, will engage in shoddy vetting practices, or think that whoever calls them brother and shows up to the FTX is trustworthy. They’ll turn off their location settings on Facebook “for security reasons” and then post 30 photos of themselves in the parking lot of their FTX, where anyone with a laptop and a few skills can piece together everything from license plates to home addresses to blood type, gear condition and type, who’s in what unit and what position they hold, and based on body language, sometimes even the group dynamics. It takes little time to choose someone to target, and sadly it sometimes doesn’t take long to gain their trust. Keep in mind that those who would target you have all the time in the world. They can afford to be patient, to slowly prove themselves trustworthy and slowly earn your loyalty while moving you closer and closer to the fire.

We don’t get to go through life oblivious to the threat, and we don’t get to assume that we know all the threats. Yes, the person you train next to may already be trained by someone else. The fellow ‘patriot’ offering you a good deal on a firearm or other materials may not be doing so out of the goodness of his heart. The female you’ve been talking to and trying to impress may be dutifully recording all your FTX stories. Just because you trust someone does not make them trustworthy.

Take the time to learn how to properly vet someone; don’t assume you know how, or that it’s even as simple as an internet check. Don’t press for “unity” and “national affiliation.” Don’t be afraid to question the people who you work with–even the ones you’ve worked with for a while. Don’t take on new people easily (or ever). It’s not a popularity contest, and you don’t get a bonus for having the biggest group.

Above all, be open to learning from anyone, whether you like them or not, whether you agree with them or not, even if they’re criminals. Just because you look at a drug dealer or environmental terrorist and think “well THOSE guys are criminals” doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them. Remember, there are those who look at you and think the same thing! Lastly, don’t ever be willing to bet your life or the lives of others on substandard vetting. So-called “unity” isn’t worth it.

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Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

Many people don’t understand why we named this The Order of the White Rose. We encourage you to read the story of the original White Rose Resistance, and to understand who they were and what they stood for.

The 73rd anniversary of the execution of the original White Rose leadership is 22 February. In honor of our namesake, we post this movie about Sophie Scholl, one of the three brave resistance leaders who were beheaded by the Third Reich for daring to engage in free speech and talk of liberty and freedom. Take the time to watch it. We seek to honor their work and sacrifice, and we echo the last words of Hans Scholl, Sophie’s brother and co-defendant:


TOWR Expanding: Seeking More Experts

We are getting amazing emails from all over the country asking if TOWR is active in other states. We hear you, and we are actively leveraging our networks and looking for more contacts who are willing to step up and help train patriots in other locations.

If you’re highly skilled in an area that patriots need, please contact us. TOWR is built on the concept of finding the patriots in YOUR area to share information and barter knowledge. We aren’t asking you to jump on a plane, spend your own money, or be part of some group. We’re looking for people who know how to do something very well, and are willing to share their knowledge in return for training in an area they don’t know—or those who believe in the cause and want to help.

Some of the fields we seek:

  • Firearms, gunsmithing and tactics
  • Medical, especially ditch medicine or even dentistry
  • Herbal and natural remedies
  • All things intelligence
  • Tradecraft and cell-based network operations
  • Land navigation
  • Computer security and networking (and all sub-fields)
  • Prepping, food storage, etc.
  • Communications
  • Primitive skills and survival (including E&E)
  • Improvised mechanics, electronics, etc.
  • Farming, animal husbandry, survival gardening
  • Miscellaneous specialized skills (If you have them, you know.)

If you have any of these skills and you’re willing to donate your time, let us know. There is much to learn and not much time to learn it. We all need to band together, learn from each other, and become the most effective partisans we can be.

Please feel free to share this post in your local areas.