Podcast Review: In the Rabbit Hole

It’s time for another podcast review.  This time we’ll look at the “In The Rabbit Hole Urban Survival Podcast” (ITRH).

I’ve been subscribed to ITRH for a few years now, but I feel like it’s gone a bit downhill over the years.  One of my favorite aspects of the program was the “everyman” vibe it had.  It was some guys talking, and while they didn’t know everything they got you thinking about preparedness issues, if not the liberty related issues we typically focus on here at TOWR.  So why are we talking about a survival related podcast here?  Simply put, you don’t have time to fight for liberty if you’re fighting to keep your family fed and warm.

Unfortunately, it seems like the show is down to one host, which has changed the chemistry.  Add in what appears to be an increased attempt to monetize the show (they seem to be trying to copy The Survival Podcast’s formula), and what seems to be a number of second-run guests from other shows, and you find yourself skipping episodes.  Archived episodes can be challenging to find as they rotate off of iTunes and RSS after a time.

Some of the better recent episodes are E77, E105, and E173.

I don’t want this piece to be overly negative; ITRH is worth having in your rotation. but don’t be afraid to skip an episode if it doesn’t grab you quickly or you’ve heard the guest cover the material before.  Until next time,