SHTF Intelligence Course

Sam Culper of Forward Observer Magazine is teaching a SHTF Intelligence course in Spokane, WA in mid-March. If you haven’t taken this class yet, you need to–and if you’re one of the folks who have been asking us for an intelligence class in the Spokane area, we’ll simply point you in Sam’s direction for this one. He’s one of the best out there for this particular topic; he literally wrote the book on it. Here’s a taste of what you’ll be learning:

– threat identification
– threat analysis
– understanding the threat environment and you
– understanding the community security mission
– community security strategies
– the Intelligence Cycle
– how to gather intelligence information (specific for your locale)
– how to analyze incoming intelligence information
– how to set up a community intelligence section
– the fundamental tasks and responsibilities of the intelligence section
– Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield & Community
– Area Assessments

There’s a lot more information on the FOMag website. If you want to know what’s really going on around you, if you truly want to understand the threats we face, and if you want to learn how to effectively deal with community intelligence then you need this course. Don’t wait until SHTF to care about this stuff—you need to understand SHTF Intelligence NOW.

As an added bonus, you can help out TOWR’s mission as well by attending! Sam has agreed to donate to TOWR for any students who we send to his course. So, go learn some critical skills AND let him know we sent you, so you can help us bring you more classes as well, such as the Groundrod Primer class in just a few weeks!


SHTF Threats: Your Neighbors, Friends and Family

One of the most important skills you can have as a partisan is that of threat analysis. Being able to know if someone or something is going to be a problem before they become that problem is a pretty critical tool to have. It’s a hard and uncomfortable truth that one of the most dangerous SHTF threats to you and your immediate family is not the government. It’s your next door neighbor, your non-prepping buddies, and even your extended family. A reader sent us an article recently from 299 Days on this (thanks Jeff!), and it reminded me that this topic needs to be written about—even if it doesn’t fit into the Tradecraft for Patriots series we’re currently in. Would you take on additional mouths to feed if your buddy showed up with his family? Let’s take a closer look at why or why not.

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