Podcast Review: The Survival Podcast

Greetings Patriots!

You’ll notice we’ve been largely silent about the current racial and police tensions on this site.  That’s because there’s been enough said everywhere else that wading in would not be helpful for anyone.  What I will say is this: we hold as a core value that all lives matter and all victims of bad policing should be joining together instead of increasing division and strife.

Today, we’ll pick up on the podcast review series again with the granddaddy of the the genre – The Survival Podcast.

If you’ve never listened to TSP before, with over 1800 epsiodes there is a significant depth of material to draw from.  The range of topics is huge, although host Jack Spirko has tended to focus his own efforts on permaculture.  He has an expert panel that takes questions from the listeners and guests who bring in topics from homeschooling to the tactical.

Episode 930 was the one that originally got me hooked, which covered lacto fermentation.  It’s a fascinating subject in the realm of food preservation and well worth a listen.  The episodes that feature Steven Harris as a guest are always worth listening to as well, especially when he talks about powering your house with your car, long term fuel storage, and his battery backup system.  Even if you don’t go with his recommendations exactly, they provide a good framework for designing your own energy storage.  Steven Harris has a website where you can find all of the shows he appeared on in one place.

After 1800 episodes, the show can get a little repetitive at times.  Often when you hear Jack tee up a listener question you know immediately what he’s going to say.  I still keep it in rotation and watch for new guests and specific topics that interest me.

In terms of advertising, TSP is sponsored by a number of companies and the Members’ Support Brigade, a membership club that gets members discounts at vendors and so on.  These get plugged every episode, but it’s not overbearing and is completely acceptable.

If you haven’t listened to TSP before, I’d recommend adding it to your feed list and picking through some episodes that cover topics that you’re currently interested in.  The Expert Council shows are also a good place to get started to get the flavor of the show.  Until next time,


Podcast Review: Prof CJ’s Dangerous History Podcast

In today’s podcast review we’re going to talk about Professor CJ’s Dangerous History Podcast.

I’ll rob a basic description of the show directly from the “about” page:

What is the Dangerous History Podcast?

The goal of the Dangerous History Podcast is to help you learn the past so that you can better understand the present and prepare for the future.

The Dangerous History Podcast takes CJ’s countless hours spent as a Professional History Dork and boils all the most interesting and/or important stuff he has learned into podcast episodes, combining education with entertainment with the ultimate goal of empowerment.

This is the history the Establishment would rather you not know.

Prof CJ does an excellent job of delivering on this mission.  He provides solid insight with cited sources to support his positions and telling of the tale.  Speaking for myself, I’ve learned more in a few episodes of DHP and had my own preconceptions of some events challenged more than in all the history I took in High School and College.  Just to be clear, this is quality material – there’s no tin foil hattery or conspiracy theories here!

With over 100 episodes to choose from, I confess that I haven’t heard them all.  However, the series on Irregular Warfare (77-81, 83) with Bill Buppert and episode 106 covering the Easter Rising were excellent.  I think there are some parallels with the Easter Rising that would have been worthy of consideration for those who acted at Malheur.  Episode 51 on Operation Keelhaul (something I’d never heard of before) was heartrending and angering.

There’s a saying that, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”  Learn the patterns now so that you’re not surprised the next time you see them.

DHP is available online at http://profcj.org and on Facebook.

Until next time,


Podcast Review: In the Rabbit Hole

It’s time for another podcast review.  This time we’ll look at the “In The Rabbit Hole Urban Survival Podcast” (ITRH).

I’ve been subscribed to ITRH for a few years now, but I feel like it’s gone a bit downhill over the years.  One of my favorite aspects of the program was the “everyman” vibe it had.  It was some guys talking, and while they didn’t know everything they got you thinking about preparedness issues, if not the liberty related issues we typically focus on here at TOWR.  So why are we talking about a survival related podcast here?  Simply put, you don’t have time to fight for liberty if you’re fighting to keep your family fed and warm.

Unfortunately, it seems like the show is down to one host, which has changed the chemistry.  Add in what appears to be an increased attempt to monetize the show (they seem to be trying to copy The Survival Podcast’s formula), and what seems to be a number of second-run guests from other shows, and you find yourself skipping episodes.  Archived episodes can be challenging to find as they rotate off of iTunes and RSS after a time.

Some of the better recent episodes are E77, E105, and E173.

I don’t want this piece to be overly negative; ITRH is worth having in your rotation. but don’t be afraid to skip an episode if it doesn’t grab you quickly or you’ve heard the guest cover the material before.  Until next time,


Podcast Review: Ham Radio 360

Hello patriots!

This week we’re going to start a new series of podcast reviews.  While in modern society we often focus on blog posts, videos, and books, podcasts fill a vital role for the commuter or anyone whose hands and eyes are busy, but whose brain is idle.  They give you an opportunity to keep learning when you might otherwise be wasting brain time.  We’ll be featuring various podcasts from all walks of life that may be useful to you in whatever role you have in supporting liberty.

This week, we’ll look at the Ham Radio 360 podcast, formerly known as the Fo Time podcast.

Cale Nelson hosts the successful two-year old show which bills itself as covering ham radio from every direction.  He and his frequent cohosts George and Jeremy lead the listener through an overview of a smorgasboard of ham related topics from testing techniques, what HT (handi-talkie) to buy, to operating off-grid in rugged environments.

The Ham Radio 360 podcast is accessible to everyone, even those just getting started.  While at times the subjects veer into more advanced material the hosts’ friendly, genial manner make it feel like you’re having a conversation with a friend rather than being lectured or being addressed condescendingly.  Many episodes feature authorities from their swath of ham radio, so you know you’re getting good info.

The podcast is sponsored by a few companies, but the advertising is neither annoying or egregious.  Unlike some podcasts that interrupt the flow of the show to squeeze their advertising in, Ham Radio 360 deals with it naturally and easily.

Here are a few episodes that you may want to start with.  Even if you feel the topics are over your head, take a listen and you’ll soon find yourself understanding at least the broad concepts.

Episode 03 – Man-Pack / Mil-Pack Rigs and Operations
Episode 15 – EMCOMM – the Ham Radio HT Go Bag
Episode 22 – Ham Radio Mobile Installations
Episode 24 – Ham Radio and Hurricane Katrina
Episode 34 – DX-peditions
Episode 37 – Your Second HT
Episode 48 – Everything Scanners!

Ham Radio 360 has social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.  I encourage you to check them out as you work on getting your comms up.

Do you have a favorite podcast related to liberty, prepping, or the patriot movement?  Share it in the comments and maybe we’ll review it in the future!