Online Training Available for Patriots and III%

As part of our commitment to help patriots become well-trained, well-rounded partisans, we wanted to show you this site. Defensive Training Group offers online training for a pretty reasonable price. We’ve checked out their material, and it’s pretty solid.  Some of the topics covered include:

Basic Skills of the Neighborhood Protection Team Rifleman – As taught by our Senior Instructor (former USAF combat instructor). If you’ve read his stuff on our blog, believe us, you’ll get your money’s worth and then ten fold more. Team Leadership, Basic Patrolling, Base/Homestead Defense, Combat Marksmanship, Individual Movement Techniques, Camo & Concealment, How to set up your NPT community defense gear, etc. Basically, if one intends on defending their community from looters and bad people should SHTF, these are the skills they should have.

Constitutional Literacy – Simply put, this area of the subscription will highlight the common myths propagated by leftists about our unique civilization and look at the reality of why the USA like no other country in the history of man, and why it is in fact worth saving. We will identify why having a moral compass in the process of restoring our country (to Constitutional Rule) is so important to the success of the movement.

Security Patrolling to counter the Feral Gang Threat – This area is dedicated to analyzing characteristics of those who would take advantage of lawlessness, should SHTF. We will look at what those types have as a mindset. How they will plan to take what you’ve set aside for your family. And finally how you can thwart this threat to keep your family/community safe during SHTF and ultimately provide stability for the restoration of normal rule of law.

The Family Prep Corner – Things that an individual on a tight budget can do to prep his or her family RIGHT NOW for hard times. Need to know how to feed your family for a year? Need to find out what will hurt you the quickest outside of gangs and looters in SHTF? This part of the members area will address those things and in and of itself is probably worth the cost of the entire yearly subscription.

Now, while the average patriot might look at the idea of online training and scoff (“What? No woods? No firearms? No FACE PAINT?”) the truth is that time spent in a classroom setting can be just as valuable. Understanding and mindset is crucial; training your mind is as important as training your body. Besides, these classes will get you the base knowledge to go out into the field.  Not everyone knows all the basic info, and this will get you up to speed in a lot of areas, as well as giving you a plan before going. Perhaps the best part of their training are the courses on getting your family trained enough to effectively defend your home. You don’t know what you don’t know. Take a look and see what you think. At only $60.00 a year for access to all classes and training courses, it’s certainly worth a look-see.