AR-15 Receiver Completion Class

TOWR is pleased to officially present our AR-15 Receiver Completion class. During this class, you will personally finish an polymer AR-15 80% receiver blank and take it home with you.  In this class, you’ll get the following:

1. An 80% complete polymer AR-15 receiver blank.
2. A jig.
3. The necessary drill bits.
4. Access to a drill press to complete the job.
5. Expert instruction to help ensure your success.
6. The opportunity to network with like-minded folks.

There has already been a huge response to this class offering. Spots for this first class are limited to 12 students, and several people have already registered.  A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to secure your seat, with the remainder due by 2/1/2016. Total cost for the class is $200. This covers the facility, instructor, and materials.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be taking measures to ensure that no one violates the letter of the federal laws regarding AR-15 receiver completion, including ejection from class if necessary. Proctors will be monitoring students to ensure that they only work on their own receivers. Once you are given your receiver to work on, no one else—including the instructor—will physically be able to touch your receiver or assist you in working on it.

Please contact us at to secure your spot. When you contact us, let us know if you’d be interested in adding a second day to class to get expert assistance installing your lower parts kit. There would be an additional cost, probably around $50.

Again, class spots are very limited for this first class. Email us at to secure your seat!

DATE: 5 March 2016

COST: $200



Team Tactics Course

TOWR presents the second in our tactical firearms courses: Team Tactics, meant for a two-person fire team. The focus is on acquiring skills and tactics in using firearms together to resolve confrontational deadly force situations. Topics include but are not limited to cover fire, movement and fire, and response to multiple threats. Since this is an advanced course, there is a strong emphasis placed on safety and safe handling of firearms in close confines and restricted space environments.  Again, this is not a course for the novice shooter.  It is, however, an excellent course to take with your spouse or battle buddy. Taught by the owner of Archer Defense Concepts, an Army combat veteran of many countries worldwide and a current law enforcement officer.

This class will be held at a remote location in the North Cascades and is weather dependent due to area access.

Coming Spring 2016.


Close Quarters Gunfighting Course

TOWR is pleased to sponsor the first of many tactical firearms courses we’ll be offering in 2016—Close Quarters Gunfighting, also known as Close Quarters Combat, or CQC. This course will take you into the realm of combat shooting, and is not for the firearms novice. It will serve as a solid foundation for shooters unfamiliar with CQC and a fantastic refresher for patriots who are already trained. Topics covered include:

  • Proactive and Reactive Manipulations
  • Shooting While Moving Off The X
  • Reality-Based Multiple Hostiles Engagement
  • 360 degree CQB Movement
  • Danger-Close Fighting
  • Bilateral Shooting
  • 360 degree After Action Assessment Methods
  • Integrating the Flashlight and Other Tools into the Firing Platform

The class will be taught by the owner of Archer Defense Concepts in Portland, OR.  He is a highly decorated combat veteran with an extensive resume in both the Army and law enforcement.

Coming in Spring 2016. Check out the event page for more information.

**Note: This course will be held in a remote area in the North Cascades. It is weather dependent for purposes of area access.**