Make Them Listen: A How-To Guide for Engaging Lawmakers

Guest post by Robert Arco, of The Common Truth.

One of the favorite “excuses” we hear from patriots and activists for inaction is the preconception that their elected officials don’t listen to them. In many ways, this axiom has been proven to be true as we have all had experience with the “deaf” elected who seem to decide for us. Part of the issue, however, is not the inability to listen but how the feedback is presented. If you go to a politician’s canned website and fill out a contact form, chances are pretty high that you are just noise, and the response will often be a form letter often directly opposite of what you stated.

There are better ways to deal with politicians but first you must understand your place in the grand scheme of constituency. These people receive hundreds, if not thousands of contacts each day depending on the level of office they hold. Using simple email is ineffective as they have staff who scans and replies on their behalf based on their already predetermined position. You are a lone voice in a sea of voices using a fairly ineffective medium of contact. It is similar to applying for a job at Boeing or Microsoft. They receive thousands of resumes every day and use screening software to weed through the volume. Less than 1% are even read by a human being and a smaller number acted on. The key is how to maximize contact and be noticed.

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