Programming Cheat Sheet for the Pofung BF-9500 Mobile Transceiver

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Short post – I wanted to get this out since there’s not a lot of information out there about the Pofung BF-9500 Transceiver.  It’s not very good, but it does make a fair Bubba Detector.  The manuals that are out there are hard to read, and since it’s not a popular rig not many people talk about it.

With all that said, here you go:

Pofung BF-9500 70cm Mobile Transceiver Cheat Sheet



Delete Channel



F – Mon – Tune up/down

Name Channel

Hold F – Option 10 (M. NAME) – F

Save Channel

VFO – Tune Frequency – F – Choose Channel – V/M


F – CALL – Freq – Anything but F


Long MHz – Long MHz to toggle +/-


5 APR 2017 – Sparks-31 Down Grid Communications Update

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If you haven’t signed up for the June 3-4 Sparks-31 class here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, you’ve missed early bird pricing.  That’s OK, though – we still have room for some of you for only $250.  Tom recently posted a preview of the class he’s holding in Wyoming here:

Sparks-31 is the preeminent thought leader in communications in the preparedness-minded community today.  With 30 years of communications and electronics experience and a practical view of the communications requirements community defense organizations may have in times of trouble, Tom is uniquely qualified to instruct this class.

To sign up for the class, contact us at  Payments must be received by 31 May or “at-the-door” pricing of $350 will be assessed.


TOWR Basic Intro to Radio and Comms Class, 5 November

The Order of The White Rose (TOWR) will be running a 1 Day Basic Introduction to Radio and Communication Class November 5th 2016 in the Greater Seattle Area.

Class will be 6 to 8 hours, cost is $50.00, location will be provided upon registration. Email us at to register!

This class will touch on the following areas:
– Radio and Communications Basic Theory and Terminology
– Radio Capabilities and Operating Techniques
– Introduction to the Equipment, Radios, Antenna’s, Power, Connections and Cable
– What type of Radio should you buy, Walmart Walki-Talkie, Baofeng, UHF/VHF vs HF
– How Repeaters work and how radio waves act
– Use of Your Radio
– How to Program Your Radio
– Introduction to Scanners and their uses in your area
– Local and National Education Resources
– Introduction to SDR (Software Defined Radio) and Ham-Net

Our goals for this class are:
1st – To give attendees a basic information foundation in the area of Communications. However this is class is not intended to be provide attendees enough information to pass their Ham Radio License Test, its a start but not intended to do that.
2nd – To provide enough practical information that attendees can evaluate the use of Radios in establishing their own Communication networks for families, neighborhood, Group and nearby Groups.
3rd – The Order of the White Rose will be sponsoring Sparks31’s, 2 day Grid-Down/Resilient Communications Class in the Seattle area, June 2017. Our intent is to provide attendees enough information to get the maximum value from what Sparks31 teaches in that class. Without this basic foundation sometimes getting that value is like trying to get a drink of water out of a hydrant.
Sparks31 Grid-Down/Resilient Communications Class Information
– Email us at and register for both classes now! The Sparks31 class WILL sell out!

Classes update 02 AUG 2016

Hello Patriots!

As our Facebook post a few days ago hinted, we are currently developing some new classes for you.

The first will be a two part webinar of the “Basic Privacy and Anonymity” class that we first ran back in June.  This will be our first webinar experience and will be co-taught by Kit and Steve.  Since this is our first time delivering with this method, we will only be charging $25.  We’re tentatively looking at 8/24 for part 1 and 8/31 for part 2.

For the details from the last class, see:

The second class is a new one we’re putting on, answering the call for more focused communications training to help you get comfortable around radios.  We’ll be putting a heavy emphasis on listening, small group communications, and just enough theory to get you started.  This is *not* a Technician or General class, although we cover a few of the same topics.  The details are still being worked out, but it will be co-taught by Mike and Steve.  The cost will be $50 and will be at the Kingsgate Library north of Seattle on 9/17 from 1015 to 1645.  Bring your comms gear and time allowing we’ll have show-and-tell with the class.

To sign up, please contact us at  We’re still working on a way to do online payments and signup without it being a burden.

Sparks31: Down-Grid Communications Book Review and Thank You!

Good day, patriots!

Recently a friend of TOWR gave us a copy of Sparks31’s latest tome, “Down-Grid Communications”.  It then, I’m sorry to say, sat on my shelf for a few days before I got around to picking it up.

First of all, THANK YOU, Tom, for thinking of us when writing your acknowledgements.  We greatly enjoyed having you up here.  For those who don’t know, Tom’s introductory class was the first one we sponsored at TOWR, and remains our most successful to date.  Now, on to the review.

If you are the newly minted “comms guy” in your group, or your team’s intel officer, “Down-Grid Communications” is the stepping off point you want as you begin gathering intelligence information from your local area.   This book is not one that you buy and stick on your shelf until something goes sideways; it’s an action plan that you need to put into effect today.

The book begins briefly by considering common news sources, their trustworthiness, and whether or not the information they provide is relevant to you when it comes to monitoring your AO.  Even if you think Fox News is the greatest thing since sliced beef, which is more immediately important: the latest presidential hullabaloo or the meth house down the street?  The author then lays out a basic five step plan that the rest of your communications will hang on.

Next, the author focuses on your education.  Specifically, what you need to know to use and maintain the equipment that will support your mission.  He briefly covers a basic library of books that will help get you up to speed on maintenance, repair, and modifications of communications equipment to maximize their use.

I’m not going to go step by step through the entire book and ruin it for you, but the sections on monitoring equipment and techniques are definitely worth the price of admission.  He also covers the major available radio services (such as CB, FRS, Amateur Radio), basic One Time Pad generation, and field phones.

“Down-Grid Communications” packs a lot of information into its 80 pages, but it’s up to you to act on it.  At the risk of being redundant, this isn’t a book you skim and file away for when the zombies rise.  It’s an introduction to the skills you need to develop.  You can buy the book on Lulu for $9.99.  Sparks31’s current blog is