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TOWR is pleased to announce a Law Enforcement Statement Analysis Course coming to Western Washington. We’ve all made the jokes about how to tell when a politician is lying, or how all the news networks are spoonfeeding us the stuff they want us to pay attention to.  It’s easy to know, for instance, that the current President is generally lying when he goes in front of the American people and says things.  In many cases, later events show his words to be a lie.  But what is the truth?  How do you detect deception immediately just by listening to what someone says? That’s what this course is designed to show you. Statement analysis is an invaluable skill for research in news reports, politician or government statements, open source intelligence collection, and all sorts of other applications—including talking to your teenage son about where he was last night.

Statement Analysis is used by law enforcement, attorneys, journalists, and many others to find deception. As a well-rounded partisan, Statement Analysis can help you vet people in your group. It can allow you to see past the headlines into what’s really going on. Statement Analysis is the scientific process by which deception is detected through the words used. Analytical Interviewing is a legally sound, non-intrusive, non-interpretive method of gaining information from the interviewee based upon the subject’s own language.

How does this matter to patriots? Ask yourself if you need to be able to spot deception in your dealings, or if you’d prefer being lied to and not know. You can see the necessity of this course very quickly.

After attending this seminar, you will begin to hear and see things that you never noticed before. In addition, if you complete this course you will be certified in Statement Analysis and have access to 12 months of follow up care and training. Statement Analysis requires ongoing practice to stay current and develop skills; becoming certified allows you to continue that training with law enforcement.

This course includes a 100-page manual that you can refer to long after the class is over, more than 7 hours of audio recorded lectures, chapter tests, a 70-question final exam for certification, and 12 months of online support as well.

This course will be taught by Peter Hyatt, author of the book Wise as a Serpent, Gentle as a Dove: Dealing with Deception. He also has a past online radio show, in which he discussed current affairs and cases, parsing them out to find the deception (you can listen to the old episodes here). He is a current analyst who trains law enforcement, corporate hiring managers, lawyers, social workers, and others who have a need to tell truth from lies.

The Statement Analysis course will be held February 6-7 in the Seattle area. You can reserve your spot by emailing us at This is an incredible opportunity, to learn deception detection from one of the foremost authorities and nationally recognized experts in the field. Class spots are limited, as this is a hands-on course. Don’t delay!

Date: February 6-7 2016

Location: TBD (we are finalizing a venue in Everett, WA)

Time: 0800-1600 with a 1 hour break for lunch

Cost: $100



Author: Kit Perez

Kit Perez is a liberty activist, longtime writer, and intelligence analyst specializing in deception detection and HUMINT. She is prior Air Force, holds a degree with honors in Counterintelligence and has a Master's in Intelligence. She writes at

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