Spying: It Can Happen to Me; It Can Happen to You

It’s easy for learning about privacy and data security to become an intellectual exercise, rather than a practical one. But sometimes we stumble across something that jolts us with just how real it is. This article was one of those things for me. If you’re reading this article, you can rest assured you’re being watched. That means your privacy depends on actions you take today, right now. Not sometime in the future.

Michael Maharrey writes:

“When I talk about NSA spying and mass warrantless surveillance, I’m pretty sure most people react something like this: yeah, it’s bad, but it doesn’t have any direct impact on me. I mean, why would the government ever bother to spy on me? Really, that’s for the bad guys, or the Muslims. It can’t happen to me.”

Spying: It Can Happen to Me; It Can Happen to You

If you’re still wondering why all of this matters, or how it affects you, be advised that if you’ve voted in any general or primary election since 2000, it already happened to you.

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