Podcast Review: The Survival Podcast

Greetings Patriots!

You’ll notice we’ve been largely silent about the current racial and police tensions on this site.  That’s because there’s been enough said everywhere else that wading in would not be helpful for anyone.  What I will say is this: we hold as a core value that all lives matter and all victims of bad policing should be joining together instead of increasing division and strife.

Today, we’ll pick up on the podcast review series again with the granddaddy of the the genre – The Survival Podcast.

If you’ve never listened to TSP before, with over 1800 epsiodes there is a significant depth of material to draw from.  The range of topics is huge, although host Jack Spirko has tended to focus his own efforts on permaculture.  He has an expert panel that takes questions from the listeners and guests who bring in topics from homeschooling to the tactical.

Episode 930 was the one that originally got me hooked, which covered lacto fermentation.  It’s a fascinating subject in the realm of food preservation and well worth a listen.  The episodes that feature Steven Harris as a guest are always worth listening to as well, especially when he talks about powering your house with your car, long term fuel storage, and his battery backup system.  Even if you don’t go with his recommendations exactly, they provide a good framework for designing your own energy storage.  Steven Harris has a website where you can find all of the shows he appeared on in one place.

After 1800 episodes, the show can get a little repetitive at times.  Often when you hear Jack tee up a listener question you know immediately what he’s going to say.  I still keep it in rotation and watch for new guests and specific topics that interest me.

In terms of advertising, TSP is sponsored by a number of companies and the Members’ Support Brigade, a membership club that gets members discounts at vendors and so on.  These get plugged every episode, but it’s not overbearing and is completely acceptable.

If you haven’t listened to TSP before, I’d recommend adding it to your feed list and picking through some episodes that cover topics that you’re currently interested in.  The Expert Council shows are also a good place to get started to get the flavor of the show.  Until next time,


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