Podcast Review: Modern Combat and Survival

Greetings, patriots, it’s time for another podcast review.

“If bullets were flying, your adrenaline surging, could you hit your target?”  This is how the Modern Combat and Survival podcast starts.  Host Jeff Anderson isn’t shy about mentioning the types of people he brushes shoulders with: tactical firearms instructors, military contractors, Navy SEALs, etc.

MCS tends to focus heavily on the combat side of things with titles like “Urban Survival Firearms,” “Gun Shopping for Personal Defense,” “Survival Team Defense Planning,” and “Looter Defense Planning”.  They do branch out to other peripheral topics such as survival medicine, but the focus is clear.

Speaking of focus, there’s a lot of focus on “stuff”.  In the middle of the podcast there’s usually an advertizement for “Survival Gear Secrets” because your life and the life of those you love could “solely rest on the survival gear you’ve acquired.”  The advertising always feels like they’re trying to manipulate the emotions of folks that are just starting to wake up to sell them a false sense of security.

The show is, to this reviewer, pretty shallow.  There are nuggets of info that you don’t hear elsewhere, but swimming through the fluff takes some effort.  They attempt to distill complicated topics into soundbites, but end up not doing them justice.  Frequently the host will be interviewing an interesting guest and then say something to the effect of, “What are the top three things our listeners should buy now to do X,” or “What are the top three things our listeners should know about <whatever I’m interviewing you about>?”  If there are things the listener should know, shouldn’t that come out naturally in the interview, versus being heavy handed about it?  That’s a personal pet peeve of the reviewer.

Our recommendation is that if you’re experienced in the patriot, self-defense, and survival spaces that you add this to your feed and listen to it as background noise.  You’ll have the background to sort the good stuff from the nonsense.  It’s usually the last thing the reviewer will listen to after he’s caught up with everything else.  If you’re new to this world, however, and just waking up, move on.  There are many better shows, that go more in depth, and have less chaff to plow through to get to the good stuff.

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Author: Steve

Steve is a father of two, husband of one, devoted follower of Christ, IT guy, and jack of all trades. He's a liberty activist, blogger, gun lover, and general class radio operator. He read entirely too much Heinlein as a child and routinely fails at his attempts to become the "competent man".

2 thoughts on “Podcast Review: Modern Combat and Survival”

  1. I believe Jeff Anderson is a fraud. He mentions that he was stationed in Panama during Operation Just cause; how ever he gets just enough right to fool the average listener. Problem is, He gets enough wrong that immediately flashes red to guys that were there, such as myself

    One of the gaffs is that he mentions being a member of the 193rd Infantry Battalion. There is no 193rd Infantry battalion. That is the Brigade HQ fot the 2 Infantry battalions. 5th Battalion, 87th Infantry and 1st Battalion, 508th Infantry. If he were actually there, he would have said either 5th of the 87th or 1st of the 508th.

  2. I dont know if this will reach anybody, but will write qnyway —
    i was registered for the webinar o 9/6 with Jeff Anderson, had a very busy day, fell asleep and missed the webinar. I am wondering if there is a repeat that I would watch, and this is the only place I found where I might be able to contact someone who might know. I am so sorry I missed the webinar, and if there is not a replay avilable available, I certainly understand, but have to ask anyway. I would appreciate if someone would let me know, or let me know how I can contact Jeff andeson,
    Eleanor r (teddy) clark

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