Podcast Review: Ham Radio 360

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This week we’re going to start a new series of podcast reviews.  While in modern society we often focus on blog posts, videos, and books, podcasts fill a vital role for the commuter or anyone whose hands and eyes are busy, but whose brain is idle.  They give you an opportunity to keep learning when you might otherwise be wasting brain time.  We’ll be featuring various podcasts from all walks of life that may be useful to you in whatever role you have in supporting liberty.

This week, we’ll look at the Ham Radio 360 podcast, formerly known as the Fo Time podcast.

Cale Nelson hosts the successful two-year old show which bills itself as covering ham radio from every direction.  He and his frequent cohosts George and Jeremy lead the listener through an overview of a smorgasboard of ham related topics from testing techniques, what HT (handi-talkie) to buy, to operating off-grid in rugged environments.

The Ham Radio 360 podcast is accessible to everyone, even those just getting started.  While at times the subjects veer into more advanced material the hosts’ friendly, genial manner make it feel like you’re having a conversation with a friend rather than being lectured or being addressed condescendingly.  Many episodes feature authorities from their swath of ham radio, so you know you’re getting good info.

The podcast is sponsored by a few companies, but the advertising is neither annoying or egregious.  Unlike some podcasts that interrupt the flow of the show to squeeze their advertising in, Ham Radio 360 deals with it naturally and easily.

Here are a few episodes that you may want to start with.  Even if you feel the topics are over your head, take a listen and you’ll soon find yourself understanding at least the broad concepts.

Episode 03 – Man-Pack / Mil-Pack Rigs and Operations
Episode 15 – EMCOMM – the Ham Radio HT Go Bag
Episode 22 – Ham Radio Mobile Installations
Episode 24 – Ham Radio and Hurricane Katrina
Episode 34 – DX-peditions
Episode 37 – Your Second HT
Episode 48 – Everything Scanners!

Ham Radio 360 has social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.  I encourage you to check them out as you work on getting your comms up.

Do you have a favorite podcast related to liberty, prepping, or the patriot movement?  Share it in the comments and maybe we’ll review it in the future!

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Steve is a father of two, husband of one, devoted follower of Christ, IT guy, and jack of all trades. He's a liberty activist, blogger, gun lover, and general class radio operator. He read entirely too much Heinlein as a child and routinely fails at his attempts to become the "competent man".

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