The Patriot Movement is Broke: Raising Funds

No, the title is not poor grammar; we aren’t talking about how the patriot movement is broken–although depending on who you ask, that may be true on some level as well. That’s another story for another time. The topic we’re discussing is that the movement is broke; it’s poor, it has no funds. No funds means no activities. No funds means failure.

It’s a known fact that in order for a guerrilla movement to survive, it needs public support. To get that support, however, you need more than just solid people who aren’t informants, scammers or emotionally unstable and looking to fill a void in their lives (again, another issue for another time). You need money–and not just for the public support, but just to operate at all.

This is not a “please donate” article. This is a “how do we get there from here?” article. Today we’re brainstorming.

Money buys things like guns and food storage, sure. But it also buys posters and Pet milk, tools of the propaganda activist. It buys a lot of other things, too.

  • 80% lowers, given to people who can turn them into something more.
  • Little business cards with carefully thought out propaganda slogans, to be slipped into 12-packs of pop at every grocery store in the area.
  • Magazines, to be smuggled into certain states to the resistance there.
  • Training someone who can’t afford it, in a skill the group needs and doesn’t have.
  • Comms equipment. No explanation needed here.
  • Travel, to get trainers in or get people to places where they’re needed.
  • Raw materials for things like solvent collectors and reloads.
  • Extra parts for guns and radios, items that can be used to make or repair other things.
  • What else can you think of?

The movement is limited by two major things: imagination and cash flow. Okay, maybe also cognitive dissonance, but let’s stick to imagination and cash flow. To fix the imagination problem, we can study others who have come before. We can learn from their mistakes and build upon their successes, and we can learn from them whether we like and agree with them or not. We talk about that here a lot.

But what about the cash flow? How do we fund the movement? As Mike Vanderboegh pointed out to me the other day, we have no sugar daddy. We have no political capital, no real allies, no fat cats lining up to dump their pockets into our collective coffers. The empire and its henchmen, however, have all of that. How do we bring in funds? The answer is actually quite simple. We raise the money.

Fundraising: It’s Not Just for Girl Scouts

Before you conjure the horrifying visions of door-to-door candy and magazine sales from your childhood, consider the following possibilities:

  • Garage sales – Everyone has them this time of year. Make it a group sale, and use all the proceeds to fund your activities.
  • Bake sales – Offer some baked goods at your garage sale and make even more money.
  • Car washes – Favorite of high school booster clubs everywhere. I’d advise against doing it in bikinis and whatnot (no one needs to see all THAT) but there’s nothing wrong with washing some cars and advertising that the proceeds are going to the cause of “anti-bullying training,” “self defense for women” and such. Be truthful, but be creative.
  • At your next group meeting or rally, pass a jar for the cause. A couple of bucks here and there add up, ask any church.
  • What else can you think of?

All of the above ideas are perfectly normal activities that you might be involved with anyway through your community ties. What’s one more?

Services Are Currency Too

Think outside the box. Who has what skills? There is nothing that says you must use only your own group members for everything, and there’s nothing saying that anyone who you can get to do something for you needs to know what it’s for or where it’s going. Some of the World War II resistance members had no idea they were even in the resistance at all; they simply provided a service or an item to someone who asked for it at a critical time. There are plenty of folks who are sympathetic to the cause, who may not be involved in the cause. What does your group need, and who do you know that can help you get it? Someone may not be willing to pick up a gun, or go to a rally, or even have their name and involvement known to anyone, but they’re willing to slip you some cash or buy that radio or donate their frequent flyer miles or give you some magazines to smuggle. The ER doctor who lives down the street may not be interested in anything “patriot” but they’re totally cool with showing you how to do some basic triage and wound care, or even giving you some extra supplies because, hey, you’re just trying to make sure your family is safe. It’s all about how you approach it.

I’ll Give You Mine if You Give Me Yours

There’s always the barter option too. Your neighbor might be willing to give you all the coupon inserts from his Sunday paper if you give him a couple eggs every week. Those coupons mean free food and supplies, if they’re used right (couponing is definitely your friend), and that means more money freed up for other activities. Find someone in your neighborhood who knows how to sew and repair clothing/gear, and mow their lawn for them in return for them teaching you how to repair your own stuff. I’m spitballing here, but you get the idea. We all know people who span the gamut of skills and financial stability. It’s time we become more efficient at leveraging our networks and contacts. And if you don’t have networks and contacts, better get on that.

Here’s your homework:

  1. What other ways are there for us to fund our activities?
  2. What activities could we use those funds for?
  3. What services can we barter, or contacts can we leverage?

Leave your ideas in the comments so we can all benefit!

Author: Kit Perez

Kit Perez is a liberty activist, longtime writer, and intelligence analyst specializing in deception detection and HUMINT. She is prior Air Force, holds a degree with honors in Counterintelligence and has a Master's in Intelligence. She writes at

One thought on “The Patriot Movement is Broke: Raising Funds”

  1. Hi Kit,

    I am a fan of your work and would like to support it. Here are some ideas:

    1) Write a paperback and/or e-book that is a compilation of your writings edited for publication.

    2) Create extra content just for subscribers. I would pay more for extra content. I like podcasts that I can listen to while driving.

    3) The training courses look good. Unfortunately, I am distant from you so I cannot attend. I also cannot attend because of family obligations. I would pay for an on-line course that I could take when I can.

    4) Straight donation. I’d hit your tip jar from time to time via bitcoin if I could only find the link.

    I might think of other ideas and leave comments.


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