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Hi Patriots!

My apologies, I intended to have some new original content for you tonight, but my computer had other ideas, and I ended up fighting with it and coddling it this evening.  It just goes to show that technology problems can hit any of us, even those of us who live it.

So, in lieu of an original article, let me share with you a free training opportunity.  Introduction to Linux.

What you’ll learn:

  • A good working knowledge of Linux
  • How to navigate through major Linux distributions
  • System configurations and graphical interface of Linux
  • Basic command line operations
  • Common applications of Linux

Also in that vein, we have a couple of questions for you, the readers:

  1. Would you be interested in self-study curricula curated by us at a low cost (less than $10, probably more like $4)?  This would be a course of study, produced by TOWR in association with experts, using open-source material.
  2. With the Team Security class being rescheduled, if you have the day (7/23) available, is there anything you’d be interested in us putting on?  We were considering a practical comms class, a basic Linux class, a reloading theory class, or perhaps some type of Intel class.  Let us know what you think in the comments, on Facebook, or via

We’ll have some new content for you later this week.  Thanks for your patience!

Author: Steve

Steve is a father of two, husband of one, devoted follower of Christ, IT guy, and jack of all trades. He's a liberty activist, blogger, gun lover, and general class radio operator. He read entirely too much Heinlein as a child and routinely fails at his attempts to become the "competent man".

5 thoughts on “Intro to Linux”

  1. i think it should be a linux class related to tails specifically so we can secure our computers better. things to do and not do in linux security wise.

  2. It would have to be a webinar for me as I can’t travel due to expenses, animals, and health.

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