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Over time, we’ve built a nifty little collection of step by step guides you can refer to covering a variety of areas. Tech, intelligence, and even social engineering. Feel free to scroll through the pages and check out what we have. We’ll keep adding to them, so keep reading!

How to Run an Anonymous Twitter Account

The Intercept has a fantastic write-up from front to back on how to create and maintain an anonymous Twitter account. Take special note of the warnings about leaking your identity. A lot of folks prefer not to use social media at all, and that’s fine.  For those...

Sites You Should Be Reading: A Resource List From TOWR

Reading is one of the most important things you can do as a patriot/activist/whatever you’re calling yourself. As I wrote this week on Patrick Henry Society, learning is critical. There was a discussion on social media this morning about people who announce...

Are There Informants in Your Group?

RESISTANCE GROUPS Are There Informants in Your Group? TOWR Staff 30 August 2016 It’s the nightmare of any resistance group: a government agent or informant in their ranks. You might look at the members of your group and think of them as family. You may even be...

The Patriot Movement is Broke: Raising Funds

No, the title is not poor grammar; we aren’t talking about how the patriot movement is broken–although depending on who you ask, that may be true on some level as well. That’s another story for another time. The topic we’re discussing is that...

How to Make a Truly Anonymous Facebook Account Part I

There are plenty of articles about how to use social media without making your information public, or leaking it to various ad services and info-grabbing bots. That’s not what we’re doing. We’ll be setting up a Facebook account that is not linked to...

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