If you weren’t able to attend the Cryptoparty we held this month, you missed out on a lot of tools and knowledge you need in order to operate in the cyber world as part of the partisan resistance. Never fear—we’re looking to hold another one after the first of the year. They’re completely free, with food, drinks, and excellent networking and discussion, all in a very casual and laid-back environment—and they only last a few hours. In short, you have nothing to lose by attending, and everything to gain.

At the last Cryptoparty, we went over some of the beginning steps to protecting yourself, your identity, your group, and your communications. We’ll be going over some of the same in the next one, but we’ll also be expanding that and dealing with more topics. If you attend the next one, here’s what you’ll be learning:

  • What the Tor Browser is, why you need it, and some of the more interesting links on the dark web for patriots. We’ll help you get it installed, configured, and set you up with some starter links and tools.
  • What i2p is, and how it can offer you more resources on the dark web. We’ll help you get this installed and running as well.
  • Communication channels on the dark web. You’ll leave with some new ways to communicate a little more under the radar.
  • What a live operating system is, and how it can protect you. Bring a flash drive, and leave with a fully-functioning live TAILS distribution.
  • How to “disconnect” from the surveillance state as much as possible
  • How to encrypt emails. You’ll leave with a set of GPG keys…and the keys of some new contacts.
  • How to choose a VPN, email provider, and other tools.
  • Open source alternatives to the bloated, spying software you’ve been using all your life.
  • How to make your mobile device more secure.
  • MUCH more.

You owe it to yourself and to the people you work with to attend. Cryptoparties are designed for people to ask questions, to openly discuss concerns and ideas. Bring your questions, your laptops, your flash drives and external hard drives. You’ll leave with a whole host of new tools and tricks, and a lot more knowledge that will help you in your operations.

If you’re interest in attending our next Cryptoparty, email us! If you’ve got an area of expertise and are willing to share your knowledge with the group, let us know.

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