Classes update 02 AUG 2016

Hello Patriots!

As our Facebook post a few days ago hinted, we are currently developing some new classes for you.

The first will be a two part webinar of the “Basic Privacy and Anonymity” class that we first ran back in June.  This will be our first webinar experience and will be co-taught by Kit and Steve.  Since this is our first time delivering with this method, we will only be charging $25.  We’re tentatively looking at 8/24 for part 1 and 8/31 for part 2.

For the details from the last class, see:

The second class is a new one we’re putting on, answering the call for more focused communications training to help you get comfortable around radios.  We’ll be putting a heavy emphasis on listening, small group communications, and just enough theory to get you started.  This is *not* a Technician or General class, although we cover a few of the same topics.  The details are still being worked out, but it will be co-taught by Mike and Steve.  The cost will be $50 and will be at the Kingsgate Library north of Seattle on 9/17 from 1015 to 1645.  Bring your comms gear and time allowing we’ll have show-and-tell with the class.

To sign up, please contact us at  We’re still working on a way to do online payments and signup without it being a burden.

Author: Steve

Steve is a father of two, husband of one, devoted follower of Christ, IT guy, and jack of all trades. He's a liberty activist, blogger, gun lover, and general class radio operator. He read entirely too much Heinlein as a child and routinely fails at his attempts to become the "competent man".

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