The Second Leaflet of the Original White Rose

Hi everyone. Steve here, again. The response to our fledgling organization has been wonderful. Don’t forget to check out our first class coming up on November 14-15. You can find more details here. All proceeds go to support the Faire Fight Foundation for James and Angela Faire’s legal defense. If you are unable to attend yourself, consider pitching in with the rest of your team and sending your comms guy to attend.

Today I’d like to share with you some excerpts from the original White Rose’s second leaflet. Like the first, they spread their message with leaflets spread around the University of Munich along with a request to copy and share.

Consider this: today it is much easier to distribute and share information. What have you done today to spread a message of Liberty?

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The First Leaflet of the Original White Rose

Greetings, Patriots!

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I’d like to share with you today a little about our namesakes, the White Rose, and look at their infamous writings which ultimately led to the beheading of their leadership.  It is their stoicism and bravery that we aim to emulate in our present day struggle.

The following excerpts are from their first leaflet.  They made copies and spread it around the University of Munich during the height of the Nazi regime.  It was a radical action at a time of ruthless crackdowns on all dissent.

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