Update on Sparks31 Comms Class

New Update: There are a few spots remaining. We are expecting a full class, and the longer you wait to register the more expensive it will be. If you register today you will have a full 30 days to send in payment; we will hold your spot for that time.

DATE: June 3-4, 2017
LOCATION: Seattle area
EARLY BIRD: Now until March 31: $200
April 1 – May 31: $250
After June 1 and at the door: $350

Email us at towr@hushmail.com to reserve your spot. You WILL receive an answer within 24 hours; the email issue has been rectified.

See below for original post.


There’s no easy way for us to say this, but we screwed up. With the move to Montana, things got left in the dust for a bit in favor of ‘real’ life — and unfortunately, that meant the TOWR email didn’t get answered for a while.

I am personally answering them all today; if you’ve requested information or a registration for the Sparks31 class, you’ll get that today (Sunday). All registrations will be honored for the date of original email, not today.  That means if you emailed us to register two weeks ago, you’ll get the early bird rate as expected.

I will post remaining spots available — if there are any — once I finish answering the existing reservations. First come, first served.

Again, I’m sorry.  We dropped the ball.

TOWR Basic Intro to Radio and Comms Class, 5 November

The Order of The White Rose (TOWR) will be running a 1 Day Basic Introduction to Radio and Communication Class November 5th 2016 in the Greater Seattle Area.

Class will be 6 to 8 hours, cost is $50.00, location will be provided upon registration. Email us at towr@hushmail.com to register!

This class will touch on the following areas:
– Radio and Communications Basic Theory and Terminology
– Radio Capabilities and Operating Techniques
– Introduction to the Equipment, Radios, Antenna’s, Power, Connections and Cable
– What type of Radio should you buy, Walmart Walki-Talkie, Baofeng, UHF/VHF vs HF
– How Repeaters work and how radio waves act
– Use of Your Radio
– How to Program Your Radio
– Introduction to Scanners and their uses in your area
– Local and National Education Resources
– Introduction to SDR (Software Defined Radio) and Ham-Net

Our goals for this class are:
1st – To give attendees a basic information foundation in the area of Communications. However this is class is not intended to be provide attendees enough information to pass their Ham Radio License Test, its a start but not intended to do that.
2nd – To provide enough practical information that attendees can evaluate the use of Radios in establishing their own Communication networks for families, neighborhood, Group and nearby Groups.
3rd – The Order of the White Rose will be sponsoring Sparks31’s, 2 day Grid-Down/Resilient Communications Class in the Seattle area, June 2017. Our intent is to provide attendees enough information to get the maximum value from what Sparks31 teaches in that class. Without this basic foundation sometimes getting that value is like trying to get a drink of water out of a hydrant.
Sparks31 Grid-Down/Resilient Communications Class Information
– Email us at towr@hushmail.com and register for both classes now! The Sparks31 class WILL sell out!

Class Updates: Sparks31 is Coming Back!

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering several classes in the next few months, both in-person and through webinar. We will have solid dates for some of these in the next week or so, but here’s what we have planned for the next few months:

TOWR Basic Privacy and Anonymity (Two parts, September 20 and 28) – This is a webinar course that will put you in a very good position to take CSG’s Groundrod Primer course, or simply to just start researching and learning on your own. There are 4 spots left in the September 20 and 28 class.

Statement Analysis 101 (Two parts, October 12 and 19)  – This is a webinar course specifically designed to familiarize you with a few of the concept of deception detection through analytical interviewing and linguistic analysis. It will show you how SA works, why it’s been cited in court cases all the way up to SCOTUS, and why you should be using it, as well as get you started using some of the concepts.

TOWR Introduction to Communications for Patriots (November 5) – If you haven’t been able to attend a Sparks31 class or if you need some solid training before you go, this is the class you want. It’s not a standard “teach the test” course; this is an in-person, practical use class focusing on getting you up to speed on what you need and how to use it. Meant for the beginner or new licensee, Intro to Comms will get you ready to attend a more advanced course like the Sparks31 Grid Down Comms class.

Sparks31 Grid Down Communications (Spring 2017) – If you missed this one last year, you should really get in on it now. Sparks31 has agreed to bring his fantastic class to us one more time. This is an in-person class with hands-on training as well as classroom time. Keep in mind that he has updated his curriculum, so if you took it last year you may want to consider taking it again.

Advanced Privacy and Anonymity (Spring 2017) – If you’ve been through the Basic class, this is the next step.

We have several other classes in the works as well, and we’ll be releasing those details as soon as we have them nailed down. Stay tuned!

TOWR News: Webinars and More

It may seem like it’s been quiet in TOWR-land but that’s just an illusion. Behind the scenes there’s a lot going on, and it will result in better training and more availability for folks outside the Pacific Northwest.


Over the last year, we’ve had several students who traveled from across the country to attend our classes. While we think that’s fantastic, the truth is that a lot of folks can’t afford to do that. Judging from the emails we’ve gotten, however, we also know that those folks need/want training too. To that end, we’ve decided to start doing Webinars. You asked for them, and so we’re doing them. This means you’ll be able to log in from your computer and take a class right at home. They’ll have cheaper fees than in-person classes, and you’ll still be able to ask questions, see the curriculum, and do everything you can do if you were here in the classroom.

We’ll be offering our Basic Privacy and Anonymity Class in August via webinar, so those who couldn’t travel to make it last time will be able to get in on the training as well. Stay tuned for details!

Online Security Briefs

One of the things we spend a great deal of time on is keeping track of events in the tech and security world. The threat landscape is constantly changing, and those involved in resistance activities or even just those trying to keep their privacy intact need to stay informed of those changes. There isn’t always time to do an in-depth article on each notable item, however, and so we’ll be putting together regular briefs to let you know what things you need to be aware of—and what changes you need to make as a result.

Reading Room

It is imperative that you be well-read. That’s all fine and good, but what should you read? Where do you start? We’ll be putting up lists of books that you should definitely be checking out, and we’ll explain why you should be reading them. If you know of a book that needs to be on that list, let me know!

We are almost to our one year anniversary, and we are grateful for the level of support we’ve received. We’ve held some fantastic classes thus far, and we’ll be holding more. Feel free to email us at any time with feedback on classes you’ve taken, ideas for future training, or just to pick our brain on digital security, intelligence, communications, or other topics. As always, our goal is to empower you, the individual, to be the most prepared and well-trained partisan you can be.

Long live FREEDOM!

Intro to Linux

Hi Patriots!

My apologies, I intended to have some new original content for you tonight, but my computer had other ideas, and I ended up fighting with it and coddling it this evening.  It just goes to show that technology problems can hit any of us, even those of us who live it.

So, in lieu of an original article, let me share with you a free training opportunity.  Introduction to Linux.

What you’ll learn:

  • A good working knowledge of Linux
  • How to navigate through major Linux distributions
  • System configurations and graphical interface of Linux
  • Basic command line operations
  • Common applications of Linux

Also in that vein, we have a couple of questions for you, the readers:

  1. Would you be interested in self-study curricula curated by us at a low cost (less than $10, probably more like $4)?  This would be a course of study, produced by TOWR in association with experts, using open-source material.
  2. With the Team Security class being rescheduled, if you have the day (7/23) available, is there anything you’d be interested in us putting on?  We were considering a practical comms class, a basic Linux class, a reloading theory class, or perhaps some type of Intel class.  Let us know what you think in the comments, on Facebook, or via towr@whiterose.us.

We’ll have some new content for you later this week.  Thanks for your patience!