Basic (very basic) Active Shooter Prep

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Today we’ve had yet another mall shooting.  As unrest grows, all individuals need to recognize their responsibility to plan for the worst.


Cascade Mall’s “24-hour Professional Security Services” didn’t protect the victims.  But this isn’t another post telling you to carry a gun wherever you go.

We need to be prepared to deal with the aftermath.  A very basic kit to handle severe hemorrhaging could save a life.  Those items are:

  • Tourniquet
  • Pressure Bandage
  • Something to hold them in

Here are links to some relevant items on Amazon:

Some links on Amazon:

  • Tourniquet:
  • Pressure Bandage:
  • Small pouch to hold them:

OK, I admit it: I lied about not giving you grief about not being armed everywhere.  Carry it.  James Yeager’s series on handling active shooters is excellent:

We must resist evil wherever we can.  It’s up to you, now.

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