Programming Cheat Sheet for the Pofung BF-9500 Mobile Transceiver

Hi all,

Short post – I wanted to get this out since there’s not a lot of information out there about the Pofung BF-9500 Transceiver.  It’s not very good, but it does make a fair Bubba Detector.  The manuals that are out there are hard to read, and since it’s not a popular rig not many people talk about it.

With all that said, here you go:

Pofung BF-9500 70cm Mobile Transceiver Cheat Sheet



Delete Channel



F – Mon – Tune up/down

Name Channel

Hold F – Option 10 (M. NAME) – F

Save Channel

VFO – Tune Frequency – F – Choose Channel – V/M


F – CALL – Freq – Anything but F


Long MHz – Long MHz to toggle +/-


28 MAY 2017 – Sparks-31 Down Grid Communications Update

Greetings everyone,

First off – if you’ve sent payment and you have not received confirmation of receipt and the class locations, please contact us immediately at

Second – It may be too late to mail payment, but it’s not too late to come to class!  At the door pricing is $350, but you MUST let us know you’re coming at  We will send you a meetup location where you can meet us before class to make payment.

The current forecast says it should be nice on 6/3 and 6/4, but we will be training rain or shine, so watch the weather and be prepared.  It will be a great weekend and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone.

10 MAY 2017 – Sparks-31 Down Grid Communications Update

Hello again –

We’ve got less than a month before Sparks-31 arrives in the PNW to share his comms knowledge with us, the willing.

We’re still taking enrollments, but we’re closing in on the last handful of seats. Email us at to sign up.

The current price is $250/seat. Sign-ups after 5/28 will only be accepted at the “at-the-door” price of $350.

We hope to see you there!

5 APR 2017 – Sparks-31 Down Grid Communications Update

Hi everyone,

If you haven’t signed up for the June 3-4 Sparks-31 class here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, you’ve missed early bird pricing.  That’s OK, though – we still have room for some of you for only $250.  Tom recently posted a preview of the class he’s holding in Wyoming here:

Sparks-31 is the preeminent thought leader in communications in the preparedness-minded community today.  With 30 years of communications and electronics experience and a practical view of the communications requirements community defense organizations may have in times of trouble, Tom is uniquely qualified to instruct this class.

To sign up for the class, contact us at  Payments must be received by 31 May or “at-the-door” pricing of $350 will be assessed.


Training and Networking Opportunity – NW Preparedness Expo

Hi folks,

We just wanted to make you aware of a training and networking opportunity – the Northwest Preparedness Expo in Prosser, WA.  It’s coming up on Saturday, May 6th.  Sam Culper from Forward Observer and Dr. David Pruett from AMP-3 will be speaking and teaching, among others.

You can find details at

It’s a great opportunity; hopefully you get an opportunity to attend.