Popular Support – It Matters

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking being “in the right” is enough for any movement to succeed, but it’s a trap just the same. Any movement needs a certain level of popular support, or at the very least indifference, in order to succeed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a political movement, or social reform, or a tactical operation, in many ways it lives or dies on the level of popular support it enjoys.

Some people will never understand the cause of liberty, but many that don’t now could be persuaded to if we give them a chance. We should do everything we can to bring as many people to our side as we can, and not alienate anyone unnecessarily. Check out this great post from the Iowa Firearms Coalition that tells a story we could all learn from:

Admitting to the fact that she stereotypes gun owners is a rare thing, but Ms. Spaulding-Kruse goes one step further. As part of her classwork the professor has Drake freshman engage in dialog on a controversial issues. To her credit Ms. Spaulding-Kruse nervously called up a firearms instructor to learn more about gun ownership, shooting, and Second Amendment issues. What is not surprising (for us, at least) is that she was treated with extreme kindness.

The professor writes this about what she discovered, “The woman on the other end of the line turned out to be so helpful I brought my entire class out to the Butch Olafson Shooting Range in Polk City, where she and her husband gave us a lesson (my very first) in shooting 9-mm and 22-mm handguns. A few days later, the couple came to campus to share their views on firearms and gun safety with us.”



Spying: It Can Happen to Me; It Can Happen to You

It’s easy for learning about privacy and data security to become an intellectual exercise, rather than a practical one. But sometimes we stumble across something that jolts us with just how real it is. This article was one of those things for me. If you’re reading this article, you can rest assured you’re being watched. That means your privacy depends on actions you take today, right now. Not sometime in the future.

Michael Maharrey writes:

“When I talk about NSA spying and mass warrantless surveillance, I’m pretty sure most people react something like this: yeah, it’s bad, but it doesn’t have any direct impact on me. I mean, why would the government ever bother to spy on me? Really, that’s for the bad guys, or the Muslims. It can’t happen to me.”

Spying: It Can Happen to Me; It Can Happen to You

If you’re still wondering why all of this matters, or how it affects you, be advised that if you’ve voted in any general or primary election since 2000, it already happened to you.

Educate. Empower. Resist.

Moving From Apathy to Effectiveness – Part IV

In this last section I had originally intended to give a brief overview on prepping. However, on pondering that, I decided to change course a little. For one, I’m far from an expert on the matter, and for two, there is already a vast number of blogs, books and websites on the subject. I wouldn’t be adding much to the conversation by covering readily available material. So, what I’d like to discuss instead is my opinion on why we should prep, and how we should go about it.

The first reason for prepping is obvious: disaster will strike. The only questions are when it will strike, where it will strike, and what form it will take. Preparing physically and mentally to survive any disaster, be it a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake, an economic collapse, or even an attack from a foreign government or terrorist organization, is always of wise and of value. If I had to choose the single most important piece of prepping gear though, I think my answer might be surprising. It wouldn’t be solar panels, or the 4-gun battery, or a years worth of food, or anything similar. No, I firmly believe that by far the most valuable prepping supply you can have involves the gray stuff between your ears. This really became obvious to me when I watched this video of a gentleman that fabricates his own kiln-fired-tile-roof wood-heated hut with his bare hands, and only the natural materials he found in the forest. Nothing can substitute for knowledge. So yes, as crazy as this sounds, I’m suggesting that watching YouTube videos can indeed be a valuable prepping activity. Of course, that’s not to say we should abandon all physical prepping, but without the knowledge of how to use and adapt our resources, we may be giving ourselves a false sense of security. I mean, what’s the use in having a HAM radio or a firearm without the knowledge of how to use it? Patriots should have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and knowledge of things regarding survival, defense, and prepping, should be high on the list.

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From Apathy to Effectiveness: Defeating Our Own Worst Enemy Part 3

Apathy: The Tyrant’s Best Ally – Part III

Our entire society been conditioned to simply accept tyranny, to comply with tyrannical legislation, and to put our efforts into repealing those “laws.” While seeking to repeal that legislation is certainly a noble objective, it is not the only peaceful means of fighting tyranny. Simple non-compliance is another very powerful tool that we should never abandon. In New York and Connecticut, when they passed onerous new gun control laws, it is estimated that a mere 4% of New Yorkers complied with the SAFE act, and even a smaller percentage in Connecticut complied with the new gun control laws enacted in that state in 2014. Compliance gives legitimacy to illegitimate law. We have no moral or Constitutional duty to comply with the legislation of a lawless government that not only infringes upon our natural rights, but violates the highest law of the land. We do have a duty to refuse to comply.

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From Apathy to Effectiveness: Defeating Our Own Worst Enemy – Part II

As much as our inner cynic would probably lead us to conclude otherwise, political action can be very valuable. Besides, if we aim to exhaust every peaceful means possible to prevent the violent effects of tyranny, we’d be remiss to ignore political action entirely in favor of apathy. What we must consider is what is and is not EFFECTIVE political action. It’s easy to get distracted by political parties, factions, and personality candidates. We must stay focused on continuing to ask the question “what will best further the cause of liberty?” and act according to the answer. We have limited resources, so we must leverage the effect of our actions to achieve the greatest impact possible.

Personally, I’ve largely given up on Federal elections, and generally only see value in State elections with specific candidates and in specific States. While States do have the ability to implement nullification and interposition against Federal tyranny, finding the willpower and courage among the elected officials to do so is no small task. Even in independent Texas, Debra Medina was unsuccessful in her campaign for governor with those principles as a large part of her platform. Probably the only notable exceptions to this is the legalization of marijuana in several States, and the variations of the Firearms Freedom Act that have been passed by a handful of States. The 10th Amendment Center is doing great work in this area, but the battle is very much uphill.

I would propose that the most important elections all take place at the County level, starting with the County Sheriff, followed by the County Prosecutor, and the rest of county government. The County Sheriff can not only refuse to enforce unconstitutional legislation and codes, he or she can actually act to prevent them from being enforced, under threat of arrest, and may even deputize the citizenry to assist in doing so. This is not insurrection or sedition, but rather the Sheriff faithfully carrying out the Oath of Office, and defending the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, including the alphabet soup of Federal agencies. Within the County, the Sheriff is the highest ranking Peace Officer, bar none. This provides a fully lawful, universally recognized, and already existing framework to fight against tyranny. This idea is not original to the Order of the White Rose. Sheriff Richard Mack, who along with Sheriff Printz won the SCOTUS ruling on the Brady Bill, has written on the subject. The CSPOA is an organization founded on this principle, and the Constitution County Project is an ongoing effort to actually make some aspect of it reality in Navajo County Arizona.

Recently, in Priest River Idaho, when the VA threatened to confiscate the firearms of a veteran that checked the wrong box on a form he sent to the VA, the County Sheriff, along with a group of patriots, prevented them from doing so. Ultimately, the VA backed down and claimed they never intended to confiscate his firearms in the first place. In 2011, when FDA agents were harassing raw-milk-selling dairy farmer David Hochstetler, the County Sheriff notified the FDA agents they would be arrested for trespassing if they went on his property without a warrant. The FDA backed down. Sheriff Tony DeMeo stood up to BLM in 2004 for illegally seizing cattle from Wayne Hage’s ranch in order to justify removing his water rights. Eventually the BLM came to a proper understanding of the Sheriff’s jurisdiction, but only after threatening to arrest him and being told their SWAT team would be met with the Sheriff’s if they attempted to make good on that threat.

As we can see, there is still value in political action, we just must be very careful and tactical in what action we take. We want to be effective at achieving success, and we can be. Do you have a Constitutional Sheriff in your County? If not, meet with them and see if you can educate them to become one. If you can’t, find someone to replace them, or run yourself. The impact of a County Sheriff fully acting on their Oath of Office will not only be in that specific county, but the ripple effect could very well be felt across the fabric of the nation.