Training and Networking Opportunity – NW Preparedness Expo

Hi folks,

We just wanted to make you aware of a training and networking opportunity – the Northwest Preparedness Expo in Prosser, WA.  It’s coming up on Saturday, May 6th.  Sam Culper from Forward Observer and Dr. David Pruett from AMP-3 will be speaking and teaching, among others.

You can find details at

It’s a great opportunity; hopefully you get an opportunity to attend.

New Webinar Offering: Countering Infiltration for Individuals and Small Groups

If there is a lesson to be learned in the movement/cause/whatever from the last year, it’s that infiltration is rampant.  Whether we want to admit it or not, the feds have the money, the personnel, and the training to not only infiltrate our groups and actions, but in some instances even pull off operations that run a lot longer and endanger a lot more people.

What is to be done about this? It’s pretty simple: Folks need to learn how to better recognize an infiltration when they see one.

To that end, we’ll be offering a webinar on infiltration, focusing on how it’s done, why it’s effective, and how to guard against it.  It’s not going to give you a list of names, or some kind of magic formula. What it WILL do, is teach you how to think through the process, and recognize the signs. In addition, I’ll show you how to avoid putting yourself into already existing operations — and there are many.

In addition, I’ll talk about some of the current tactics that people are using to find and expose informants and agents, and why they’re ineffective.  We will go over several cases of known informants, and explain how they were able to get in, and why they were able to stay so long.

Our hope is that after this webinar, you’ll be a lot more cognizant of things that don’t fit, and you may find yourself looking at things much differently. In fact, the whole purpose is exactly that — to teach you how to think in a way that will keep you and your groups safe.

We hope to offer this course starting next month; stay tuned for details.

Update on Sparks31 Comms Class

New Update: There are a few spots remaining. We are expecting a full class, and the longer you wait to register the more expensive it will be. If you register today you will have a full 30 days to send in payment; we will hold your spot for that time.

DATE: June 3-4, 2017
LOCATION: Seattle area
EARLY BIRD: Now until March 31: $200
April 1 – May 31: $250
After June 1 and at the door: $350

Email us at to reserve your spot. You WILL receive an answer within 24 hours; the email issue has been rectified.

See below for original post.


There’s no easy way for us to say this, but we screwed up. With the move to Montana, things got left in the dust for a bit in favor of ‘real’ life — and unfortunately, that meant the TOWR email didn’t get answered for a while.

I am personally answering them all today; if you’ve requested information or a registration for the Sparks31 class, you’ll get that today (Sunday). All registrations will be honored for the date of original email, not today.  That means if you emailed us to register two weeks ago, you’ll get the early bird rate as expected.

I will post remaining spots available — if there are any — once I finish answering the existing reservations. First come, first served.

Again, I’m sorry.  We dropped the ball.

How to Run an Anonymous Twitter Account

The Intercept has a fantastic write-up from front to back on how to create and maintain an anonymous Twitter account. Take special note of the warnings about leaking your identity.

A lot of folks prefer not to use social media at all, and that’s fine.  For those staying completely under radar (as in, not posting anywhere), that’s no big deal. For those who understand the principles of propaganda and information operations, however, this is excellent information. Run several of them.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter, for agitators and activists, can be one of the more productive battlespaces — not for the standard chest-beating and trash-talking, but for more underhanded tactics of thread takeovers, topic steering, and other fun activities. Learn how to do it right, then go do it. Just make sure you’re covering your rear end.

Hint: The other side has been doing it effectively for decades. Take a page from their playbook. Just because they hate you doesn’t mean they have nothing to teach you.

This piece was first published on Patrick Henry Society.

Your Anonymous Browsing May Still Identify You

A disturbing study reported on the The Atlantic highlights something we already know: Human nature will screw us every single time; in short, you screw yourself.

If you’re on Twitter, chances are that even if you are browsing anonymously, your history will identify you. Why? Because of how you — and all other humans — behave in a normal setting.

Here’s how the de-anonymization system works: The researchers figured that a person is more likely to click a link that was shared on social media by a friend—or a friend of a friend—than any other random link on the internet. (Their model controls for the baseline popularity of each website.) With that in mind, and the details of an anonymous person’s browser history in hand, the researchers can compute the probability that any one Twitter user created that browsing history. People’s basic tendency to follow links they come across on Twitter unmasks them—and it usually takes less than a minute.

Granted, this was in a test environment. But notice something very critical about the statement the researchers make:

Ultimately, if you want to use Twitter under your own name, there’s little you can do to thwart this de-anonymization technique. “Our deanonymization attack didn’t use any easily-fixed flaw in the Twitter service,” said Ansh Shukla, a graduate student at Stanford and one of the paper’s authors. “Users behaving normally revealed everything we need to know. As such, the research strongly implies that open social networks, detailed logging, and privacy are at odds; you can simultaneously have only two.”

Pay attention. If you tweet (or use Facebook) under your own name, there is no such thing as privacy. While he states you can have two out of the three, note that there are very few ways to stop the detailed logging and still use social media sites because they are designed from the ground up to log and track everything you do. In other words, your only other option is to create a separate everything. Get a throwaway refurbished laptop, run Linux on it, get a VPN, use TAILS, and use that particular laptop away from your home for reading your various stuff, buying your sensitive items, whatever. Save the Windows laptop in your recliner for puppy pics, paper towel orders on Amazon, and answering your grandmother’s messages about whether you’re going to the family campout.

While you’re at it, go to and take a look at what traces you are leaving.