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We, as patriots and three-percenters, live by a code of conduct that governs everything we do. We seek the furthering of the movement, while adhering to that code. Others may write words or commit acts while claiming to represent TOWR, but it needs to be said early, often, and repeatedly:

Any written word or action taken in the name of the White Rose that does not adhere to the principles and values set forth in the Creed of the Order—even if they seem to be committed by us—are not sanctioned by TOWR.

The Order of the White Rose is made up of patriots united in a common cause, bound together by the voluntary bonds of a love for liberty.

We believe that all are created equal, regardless of race or nationality, and all have the right to liberty and freedom from tyranny.

We will peacefully refuse to comply with tyrannical and unconstitutional law.

We will never initiate violence against anyone, including government agents.

We will act, as appropriate, to prevent the initiation of violence, or threats thereof, against government agents.

We believe violence is only justified when used to protect the innocent from being harmed by violent attackers.

We will stand with and defend peace officers who suffer reprisals for protecting the rights of citizens.

While we advocate being armed and many among us may be members of militias, the Order is not a militia, nor do we have a formalized command structure.

We will carry ourselves as true patriots, maintaining a high level of unimpeachable character, decorum, and integrity at all times.

We do not seek, nor would we sanction, armed violence between citizens and government agents. We understand this is possible, but we pray that it never occurs, and work toward preventing it.

We are and will remain a diverse collection of patriots united in the common goal of restoring liberty, yet acting as individuals.

Our goal is to help patriots become well-trained partisans.

Educate. Empower. Resist.

Long live freedom!

Our Story

TOWR has no command hierarchy.  We have no “official membership” rolls or chapters. What we are, is a network of individuals who seek to educate and empower individuals in the movement.


  • We are not a club, a gang, a task force, or a traditional group. We are a network of individual patriots, with decentralized leadership, who seek to offer the means for you as a patriot to get the training and the confidence you need to act in your own groups and locations. In short, we want to make you better at what you’re already doing…and inspire you to do more.
  • We do not want you to “join” anything. If you agree with our principles, great. If not, we’re sure there’s a traditional group out there that more closely meets your needs. Either way, you’re welcome to learn with us.
  • We do not demand your obedience to our rules in return for “membership.” We simply state the Creed of the Order.
  • We do not ask for your loyalty. That should be given to God and to the cause of liberty.
  • We do not insist that you show up to our events or classes. We offer them, teach them, and sponsor them in the hopes that individual patriots choose to participate.


The Order of the White Rose

TOWR seeks to educate and empower individual patriots to be better prepared and better skilled. We teach and sponsor classes in the Pacific Northwest, offer web-based training for patriots nationwide, and write in-depth, original articles on intelligence, digital security, tech, and much more.


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Financial Disclaimer


TOWR staff are all volunteers. Any and all fees collected for classes are used solely for renting class venues, paying instructor travel and fees, and purchasing any necessary class materials. We don't even accept online payments because we don't want your money to go to processing fees. We do not solicit donations, but we do accept them. If you'd like to donate to the cause of training and equipping patriots, contact us.





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