Popular Support – It Matters

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking being “in the right” is enough for any movement to succeed, but it’s a trap just the same. Any movement needs a certain level of popular support, or at the very least indifference, in order to succeed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a political movement, or social reform, or a tactical operation, in many ways it lives or dies on the level of popular support it enjoys.

Some people will never understand the cause of liberty, but many that don’t now could be persuaded to if we give them a chance. We should do everything we can to bring as many people to our side as we can, and not alienate anyone unnecessarily. Check out this great post from the Iowa Firearms Coalition that tells a story we could all learn from:

Admitting to the fact that she stereotypes gun owners is a rare thing, but Ms. Spaulding-Kruse goes one step further. As part of her classwork the professor has Drake freshman engage in dialog on a controversial issues. To her credit Ms. Spaulding-Kruse nervously called up a firearms instructor to learn more about gun ownership, shooting, and Second Amendment issues. What is not surprising (for us, at least) is that she was treated with extreme kindness.

The professor writes this about what she discovered, “The woman on the other end of the line turned out to be so helpful I brought my entire class out to the Butch Olafson Shooting Range in Polk City, where she and her husband gave us a lesson (my very first) in shooting 9-mm and 22-mm handguns. A few days later, the couple came to campus to share their views on firearms and gun safety with us.”



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